XeeleeAngelTime Lord<- lives of solutions, solutions to life
TauriSlaveFreak<- lives of problems, solution of death
RWANarcissistPsychopath<- deaths of problems, problems of death

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Xeelee (formerly Judge)


Time Lord


implications of togetherness implications of story-telling

The Tauri story: Tauri Man begins in the Original Position of Original Sin (T000) but through The Next Generation (T010) and a bunch of other stuff he leads everyone including black men (T001) to the Final Mind (T111) where they will be consumed and destroyed.

Note that the Original Sin can be an inheritance (S000) as economics is deemed bad and Scion is the enemy in T100 Worm Serial Novel by Wildbow.

Tauri sounding like Tory is not a coincidence.

figurehead is storySELLER of stolen stories, lame jokes and lamer puns to yes-men demolishing anyone who isn't humble enough as a narcissist because gods should serve the community and celebrities should have their testicles roasted, all hail the humble man! the lowest class common denominator is the arbiter of reality and sanity and anyone asking about hypotheticals (eg, philosophers) should die and/or be murdered by Tauri as they're obviously not obsessed with the present like everyone should be, the future does not exist!! plus death of enemies makes for great porn to masturbate to. STAY TOGETHER! No one gets ahead, a head, haha, get it? It's a pun! No one gets any head either! Haha, double pun!preacher man has seen the light of positivity (morale aka morality), the next generation and children of higher meta-levels, the collective future (aka God), the solar disc of togetherness and now gangs up on and lapidates heretics who haven't gotten the message that there is no I in team. FOR CONFORMITY! because they're sick, sick and insane. STAY TOGETHER! No child will be left behind!
mercenary that toes the faultline and the race line and the party line and the age line (12 to 13) going around half-cocked is archeologist that digs up trash at his feet (or unwanted tits under bras) to sediment um cement it into an underage wife. STAY TOGETHER! No nigger will be left behind!straight bureaucrat sacrifices Angels for the Temporal Prime Directive because everything must have a cause especially in politics (eg, Picard killing Kirk to change the timeline in Generations) and humble stupidity must be preserved as much as possible so intelligence (Angels) must be killed and destroyed for the humble common man who is "slow" (really 'stupid'). STAY TOGETHER! No idiot will be left behind!
flying artillery is a fool for every damsel in distress who are naturally submissive to men and if not then a few flying slaps to the face will set them straight, also loves eating beans and fingering clits. STAY TOGETHER! No woman will be left behind!charismatic man of duty knows that YES WE CAN! we can do it TOGETHER! despite all the times that no they didn't because reality is what the togetherness decides it to be in consensus. STAY TOGETHER! No one will be left behind!
black man of honor lives by the hypocritical Laws of Hono and shows you his success with all the gold he wears because he is a p-zombie (like figurehead Christopher Hitchens) but vows to maybe pull the trigger (or push the button) just to prove how angry he is about his community since internal feelings don't exist, especially internal feelings of arousal over the deaths of his enemies and rape of "his" women by enemies, those feelings do not exist because he doesn't fap, nosiree. STAY TOGETHER! I won't be left behind by the dead!crooked martyr keeps on fucking under the torture he experiences due to the cheating slut (wife or community) he's married to all while whistling and blowing Dixie in the wind. STAY TOGETHER! My victims won't be left behind!

John McClane in Die Hard toed the line so hard his feet were bloody then he had to dig out broken glass from them. And in the movie he dug his way down through the skyscraper from top to bottom.

Tauri are conformists and presentists who believe themselves to be arbiters of reality. By which they mean consensus reality. They have ZERO notion of past and ZERO notion of future because those things are abstractions that by definition cannot exist in the present.

Since they're incapable of abstraction the only notions of past and future they possess are CONCRETE. Physical objects OF the past and OF the future that exist NOW. Those things are archeological artifacts and the Sun aka solar disc.

The only way Tauri have of understanding time is 1. as a stack of presents, 2. spatialized like Vernor Vinge's Zones of Thought universe, 3. a multiplicity of timelines, a togetherness of "quantum universes" as occurs in Stargate and TNG. All of these rape the concept of time.

Scifi (not science-fiction) quantum physics is the Tauri interpretation of quantum physics. Lowest common denominator. Tauri like low class.

Slave (paying costs or laziness)

The Slave story: Slave Man begins with an inheritance (S000) he doesn't know what to do with and through beatings and servility (S010) and other things learns to lead everyone from behind, becoming the Hindmost like a Pierson's Puppeteer (S111).

peeping tom monkey hides and skulks while miladying in his fedora hat since manners are the glue that hold Xeelee and Psychopath in half-measures and closes his eyes! wide shut to avoid collecting bad memories or seeing anything more than he absolutely has to, things he knows absolutely he can handle like Superman can handle mere mortals because he is oh so sensitive and weak! while covering his assuncle tom follows his master into death like the faithful dog he is, sleeping the Big Sleep of ultimate laziness
conspiracist trash collector hoards worthless unsaleable "treasure" from prying eyes and collects paychecks to help himself since nobody else will and your dirty deeds to ensure his paychecks so he can buy things if ... the price. is. right!the bunnies (ski, sex) aka courtesan sells indulgences to clients on a generous basis ("you want to fuck your mother? many therapists say incest is normal". What exactly is wrong with wine, women and whores anyways? Stop worrying! HIV and malarial mosquitos aren't a big deal. More intelligent Xeelee and Angel women will take care of us anyways, it's not like our daughters worry about being drained of their life's blood. Besides, I am a Countess! Also hurts people just to comfort them, hurt/comfort is a thing after all. And so is female babysitters wanting big fat babies.
the little people are derivatives of the big narcissist and the invisible bitch of every bigger dicked shemale but smurfs aren't the ones who will break the ring that must be broken they'll only do their little bit while hoping the fellowship breaks up somehowomega man won't lift a finger until everyone else is dead since it's all a bad dream in the never-ending story of stagnation, even his perfect girlfriend being raped butchered and eaten in the next room is just something to close his eyes to like a mindless cow so that it doesn't mean anything, but after thinking of it very patiently he'll realize the circle is a lie! that must and can't be broken to return to domesticity
SO HUNGRY world-eater can't tell friend from foe and attacks the weak like a fat pi-eater who worships the circle of life and wheel of fortunequitter tells you to stop it with kittenish claws until he quits caring but he'll quit quitting any day now or quit eating and quit moving so you can quit it, yeah quit complaining! and quit panicking too!

hmm, is 'tired and beaten' S010 or S011?

is too lazy to

have a lifethink
work hardfeel bad
fight with foodcare

Too lazy to bother includes too lazy to bother anyone else. So Frodo Baggins, one of the little people, is too lazy to bother anyone else with the task of getting the ring to Mordor. Then he fucks it up.

Too lazy to feel bad includes too lazy to make others feel bad or allow them to feel bad.

"Why feel bad when I can just sell you this indulgence for your sins for a low affordable price. Or how about this snake oil? Everyone should feel happy because there are easy solutions for all our problems!"

So, expanded out we have,

Yes, a whole personality type devoted to laziness. There's a reason I went around for a couple years convinced they had no souls. They're too lazy to have personalities so adopt others' from around them.

slave to

societytheir master
their croniestheir patron
appearances (Harry Potter)everyone's expectations
their naturetheir body

Freak (finite volumes)

Right-Wing Authoritarian (punishment)

The RWA Story: RWA Man begins with a territory which he is both proud to have and grouches about its flaws (R000) then through castration (R010) and other things he subjugates the territory and has a fresh start (R111) with it in a do-over. Once again from the top, again and again and again.

whiny grousing (un)dead stomps and crushes you to make you grouse while worrying about feces and connecting with mommy in the womb of the void gravecastrator prevents growth
idiot overcompensator is taken in hand and told what to do to earn steady promotionscompressor aka angel wing breaker joins the Klan
vigilante kills (the good mood of) runaways eating up the night (klingons in space) while watching over the babes (wee bairns) cause _he'll be there_the subjugator has a fresh start after having been driven like a slave and getting a few masochistic little thrills
fubar is last survivor avenging the dead and eating the living to survive, one or both in ecstatic pleasurexenophobe voyages back to his shit home which he made using his own two hands and guts, failure is not an option because he is dead until he reclaims his life

R000 stories are terrible. An aura of death and undeath clings to them, nothing could possibly live in their world. The protagonist describes everything as either Freak vs Not Freak. Mind you, R111 writes perfectly acceptable stories. And T000 writes facepalm cringeworthiness. And S000 writes complete cringeworthiness, and S101's are unreadable vomit. Battlefield Earth was more watchable than they're readable.

R100 Dobby the House Elf irons his ears whenever he fails. Armsmaster (Worm) spends time in the lab upgrading himself with cybernetics whenever he fails. Geordie LaForge got a visor that lets him see 10 times the human visual spectrum at the cost of constant headaches because he was born blind.