implications of togetherness

Only Togetherness

Tauri care about togetherness and ONLY togetherness. What does this look like on large scales? Well for one thing, they don't care about anything others care about, except that others resist and successfully beat them so they're forced to care. Tauri invented lobotomy and thought it was a great idea. The problem is so very many people resisted this marvelous invention of theirs.

So onto the next way of creating togetherness, all they care about. If effective mind control were possible, you can bet your ass they would use it. In fact, in their science fiction novels, it's only 000 (baseline) and 100 (super-happy) that use brainwashing. The 000 uses pinpoint brainwashing to destroy personalities, anyone who looks like they might be hierarchizing society instead of leveling it flat. And the 100 simply uses mass mind control to bring everyone TOGETHER.

Note that when I say they USE mind control, I mean they use it on other types. Not that they write themselves as victims of it as tends to happen in other types' science fiction novels. Mind control is not that common in high level science fiction and so it's entirely possible that Tauri are the worst.

Creating Problems

So what's the next way to create togetherness? Having a common enemy. Commonality is a form of togetherness so it's instant. And then you get to team up to gang up on him together. So, find an enemy everyone hates and have a war. And if that fails then create the enemy (like Saddam Hussein) and THEN fight him.

Most people would say wars create divisions. After all, you've got two or more sides, you've got two or more territory. But those people don't see how wars are the solution to those pre-existing divisions. Because one side inevitably conquers the other and then they're together in one nation. And besides, if you fight the enemy on the same unhallowed ground you're still fighting each other ... together. It's a perfect solution.

Really, the only problem with war as a solution to the lack of togetherness is the divisions it creates ... between combatants and non-combatants. But those are so easily remedied! This is what Total War was invented for. Now instead of wars being a political game of no consequence as they were in the 17th and 18th centuries, they are again the bloodbaths they used to be. Or so it went until nuclear weapons threatened to make the third world winners by default.

Most people don't see the problem with letting Tauri wage or start a few wars. After all, it seems like there are so many enemies around. And why is that in the first place? Well, there are 2 archetypes in Xeelee that are fighters, 2 in Angel, 1 in Time Lord. And then there's 4 in Tauri (100, 101, 001, 111). Tauri believe themselves to be Good or Angels and their evidence is they "fight fight fight!"

But it hardly matters why Tauri are waging all these wars or creating them out of nothing. Because there's the flip side, what happens when wars end? It turns out to be very clear in their stories, the Tauri swear their murderous hatred upon everyone who ends wars. Why? Because they were never interested in either victory OR peace. They were interested in having an enemy.

Destroying the enemy is taking away the Tauri's favorite doll. The one that made all the kids play TOGETHER. And while the destruction of the doll could have been tolerated if the destruction happened ... together. If it happens individually then this is anathema and forbidden. A gross violation of the order of the universe which generates extreme and uncontrolled rage. "Fuck that bitch that solved all of our problems without our say so!!"

Victory or defeat, life or death, these things mean nothing to Tauri. All they care about is that everyone do the same thing together.

Random Earthquakes

Tauri aren't interested in solving problems, not anyone else's anyways. They only care about the problem of togetherness. The fact there's never enough of it and there can never be enough of it to suit them as dictated by the physical universe being what it is.

One clear example is the United States in the 1920s. Tauri noticed that some people drank alcohol and were bothered by this. They weren't bothered because of the effects of alcohol. They weren't bothered by the fact people drank it. They weren't bothered by the fact people didn't drink it. They were bothered that SOME people drank it.

Western European nations that are just as Tauri now as the USA ever was in the 1920s, or even more so, aren't bothering the Tauri in them. Because they have drinking cultures so everyone drinks together, and everyone drinks a lot. But in the USA it wasn't like that. SOME people drank, OTHERS didn't, SOME people drank wine, OTHERS drank beer.

So the Tauri decided to declare a war on alcohol. Well, we know how that turned out. It turned out that even though all the States were TOGETHER, they weren't united. Not least because unity has nothing to do with togetherness. And if the States weren't united then the people in them were even more disunited, and not at all together. Eventually this disunited togetherness cracked and then the States were together in tolerating alcohol.

Then came drug prohibition. After all, why let a perfectly good plan to create togetherness go to waste? It's not like there were any downsides or side-effects to alcohol prohibition, it's just that the togetherness ran out. Besides, downsides and side-effects aren't things which Tauri care about as they aren't forms of togetherness. Talking about them to Tauri is like saying the number 347743. Sure, they can repeat it and add it and subtract it, but it's not like it holds any value to them. They don't care.


So this is what Tauri do. They slam society, civilization and culture violently from one side to another completely arbitrarily. Down to 0%, up to 100%, whichever seems closest to the current position at any one time. Which never turns out to be the distance Tauri believe it to be since metrics and probability are un-Tauri concepts so they don't care about them.

But that hardly matters to Tauri since what does the common man (hail!), the humble man (hail!), the lowest common denominator care about society, civilization or culture? The unholy battlefield trod upon by many steel toed boots all marching together! to fight together! and die together! is all they care about. Until they drive humanity to extinction together.

After all, friends are those who fight each other or uh together. Something like that. It's not like there's a difference between the two in Tauri heads.