implications of story-telling

One word, snuff. As you can see here.

Why snuff? Because deaths make for a great story to most people, and certainly to Tauri whose every single last science fiction novel involves grimdark megadeaths and the apocalypse, with plenty of terrorism done by the Tauri.

In Tauri minds, deaths make for great stories. And the Tauri can't "own" a story unless the creator and rightful owner of the story is dead. So they murder the creator (this is why they are atheists) and then they get to be the "advocate" of their victim.

Tauri tell stolen stories. If Tauri were devil's advocates and the devil showed up to protest at the theft of their likeness, the Tauri would smarmily proclaim that THEY are appointed to be the devil's advocate and the devil should shut up.

These are the only possible logical consequences of wanting to be the figurehead of STORIES THAT AREN'T YOURS. And once you realize that T000 is a figurehead of stories that aren't theirs then it becomes a lot less innocuous and harmless.

Everyone who has their own story must be killed in order to steal their story. With higher polarity, Tauri may be satisfied raping a story out of them, or into them as that works too. And everyone who insists on telling their own story must simply be murdered.

Why should great people be allowed to tell their own stories? That's what we have public defenders for, to reduce everyone to the lowest common denominator who are too stupid to express themselves or tell their own story. Rhetoric should be disallowed.

Take Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card. In it, the protagonist tells the life story of a dead man. He makes a profession of it and murders no one. Of course, he's not a Tauri, he's a Slave, and Slaves have inheritance, so he INHERITED the story.

Tauri loathe Scion in Worm Serial Novel. The arch-enemy Scion must be murdered! The rightful inheritors of anything must be murdered as surely as the rightful owners or creators of anything. Even if that thing is a story.

Every single Tauri story I've ever read has deaths, usually mass deaths, and usually rape too. There are no exceptions. Tauri are murderers that love death. The deaths are always casual and impersonal. Unless the Tauri murders them in a hair-trigger rage.

It's actually extremely rare for any porn story of any kind to have any kind of death. Unless they're Tauri stories. Because porn means low type conflict and non-porn means high type conflict. But Tauri simply love death.

And all claims to the contrary, there actually are plenty of non-porn stories that haven't got any death whatsoever, and the number is larger if you allow offscreen deaths because what happens offscreen doesn't count. But none of those stories are Tauri stories.

Speaking more generally, there exists no mechanism within Tauri for the creation of anything at all. Newness and novelty require aloneness which violently contradicts togetherness. So does originality and first.

Repetition requires an understanding of Time which Tauri lack. Which would be why repetition is Slave. And automation is RWA. Tauri can only rape and murder which they call "standardization" and others call bastardization because they are bastards. Murdering bastards. Cheap bastards (T010) too.

There wouldn't be a problem if Tauri didn't want to have anything. But they do as they have sets and groups as values. And of course, figureheads, figures, heads and maidenheads. They love those too.

Another implication is used car salesmen. Time Lords can be salesmen ... of brand new luxury cars. They may be reduced to selling used cars for a living but would be ashamed of it. Narcissists can be salesmen and even used car salesmen but would aim for something better. Not Tauri!

Tauri love the humbleness of the humble used car. They also absolutely love that the car HAS A STORY. A story which they'll proceed to tell you. The story won't be the truth but whatever, that doesn't matter, what matters is that it's a story and they get to tell it to you since the car can't do so on its own as it's ready to snuff it.

In the episode of Faking It where a reverend (Tauri 010) becomes a used car salesman (Tauri 000) this in no way violated type. Neither did it violate type when an accountant became a surfer. Nor did it violate type when a choir girl became a punk rocker.

Car salesmen by type:

self-driving carconcept carhigh end car
used carown carpimp car
factory carcar salesmanstolen car

The narcissist car salesman sells the car salesman, themselves especially.

And all of this was before I realized Tauri are never telling stories, they're selling them. Tauri story-"telling" has value to them, they are "creating" value by telling the stories. But the value is only created if their minions say yes and nod along. So they're selling the story.

This also fits with Tauri values such as sincerity which George Clooney advocates. Because it's all about selling the story. Something I never understood previously because it's not like sincerity has jack shit to do with truthfulness. Ocean's 11 proves it.

It also fits with Anon in Not The Hero by Alara Rogers. He is a story-thief that never creates his own story but simply robs the place of every other hero. Because he wanted the existing story to be more bloodthirsty and have more death, so he remade it but his only dubious creation was copious amounts of blood, gore and mega-deaths.

It also fits with another story I can never find again even though I should be able to. It was in a mind control story archive. Mister Normal had the superpower of warping reality to whatever he believed to be "normal".

So his wife who hated and loathed him was mind controlled into loving him because he thought that normal. And blacks were dutiful servants around him. And there were no superpowers in his world, he robbed everyone possessed of any superpower of their own story.

The whole superhero genre is Tauri as fuck and in X-Men there was M-Day where the number of mutants was decimated, normalizing over 90% of them and robbing them of the right to have any story.

Tauri rob everyone else of stories so that everyone can have ONE story, THEIR story. And they are going to be the ones telling it.