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Personality type implementations (6) by personality type:

Watsonhuman beingshomo sapiens
CYCthe manual learnerchat bots / random chat bots
if-then goal-oriented AIs (eg, in games)ELIZAanimals

Personality type theories (5) by personality type:

multidimensional decompositionhalf-baked resonant loop theoryatomic theory of mind
Nanny AIFriendly AI / Three Laws of RoboticsSkynet
deep neural networksshallow neural networks with feedbackshallow neural networks without feedback

Moral AI? Principled AI?

Personality type languages (4) by personality type:


Personality type tools (3) by personality type:

none72 archetypesnone

Actually, there is one other meta-theory of personality but I don't remember its name. Fuck.

Personality type toys (2) by personality type:

Jung typologyCA / Compasssocionics
MBTI/KeirseyEnneagramsalternative 5 / Pod'lair
MMPIBig Five / Revised NEODSM / PCL-R

In the above table is missing one typology I immediately dismissed. Used by research psychologists it is a fluid model that creates thousands of "types". Almost one for every individual!

Personality type objects (1) by personality type

Dabrowski's positive disintegration
Maslow's hierarchyFlow theory

unordered: Eysenck, Allport, Emergenetics <- lauded by a Freak, attachment theory, deMause childrearing modes

System creation by personality type:

RebuildSystematizationPrototype (Systemantics)
StandardizationMaintenanceBrainstorm<- popular but useless
Ancient CrapTotal CrapDestructive Crap

MBTI types to 72 archetypes map (see table formats):


Socionics types to 72 archetypes map:

Bartle taxonomy

Predictive Index