table formats

Univalent tables:

<xeelee><angel><time lord>

Bivalent tables:


the left side is all happiness and sunshine, the right side is doomsday and people dying.

Tetravalent tables:


Alternate representation of tetravalent tables:

First is no idea what they're doing. Second is can handle positive emotions only. Third is handles both productively. Fourth is handles negative emotions only.

Note that this does not cleanly or uniformly map to octovalent tables.

Octovalent tables (one single cell)

(cell name)


Octovalent tables are too big to be displayed on their own and so must be displayed cell by cell. Inside of each cell there are 8 possible emotional polarities deriving from the value spectrum {+3,+2}{+1,0,-1}{-2,-3}.

The first bit indicates whether the person can handle value activations of +3 or +2 (producing joy, jubilation). The middle bit whether they can handle value activations from +1 to -1 (producing boredom, mild interest). The last bit whether they can handle value activations of -2 or -3 (producing hatred, wrath, murderous).

Each emotional polarity manifests differently for each personality type but 101 can be described as 'hardcore'. It's just that hardcore WHAT differs from type to type. Humor and laughter is generated by temporarily trapping a person within the neg-polar slot of their own type. So something bad is happening but they can handle it. The middle bit confers contentment and peace.

010 also confers otherworldliness. Uncle Tom might not seem to possess otherworldliness but in our modern world where slavery is outlawed, actual slaves are otherworldly. And he also fulfills the magical negro trope with his magical negro wisdom. Of all the types, only the Tauri 010s seem common. But then again, Tauri are the common man, the humble man. So he's common in an otherworldly way or otherworldly in a common way.

When 010s are mentioned it could refer to the 010 slot across all personality types, but more commonly it refers to all the archetypes that inherit from 010. So 010, 110, 111, and 011.