You're using AD&D, am I supposed to take this seriously?

Did you really use AD&D?

Where can I find more info on the 72 archetypes?

What are the advantages of the 72 archetypes?

What about Socionics?

What did Jung do wrong?

What are some examples of things sitting on systems boundaries?

But this is just a theory, is it provable?

Why start with archetypes rather than ending with them like everyone else?

Sure you can just add more character archetypes to have more resolution but where does it stop?

Did you really survey literature rather than using the proven method of listening to idiots' lies and self-delusions on standardized tests?

Do you really have to say that some archetypes are better than other archetypes?

How long have you been working on your system?

If you can swap spatial and temporal dimensions then why aren't Tauri equal to Angels?

What are the axioms of 72 archetypes?

How does 72 archetypes relate to existing systems?

Why does the unreliability of existing personality typing systems matter?

Why did you pick names like Xeelee and Time Lord? What do they even mean?

Potato Asked

Do people seriously have to learn a vocabulary of 96K words to use 72 archetypes?

How can you possibly type individual words?

Social vs Attentional introversion

How much did Carl Jung get wrong? Virtually everything.

You're using AD&D, am I supposed to take this seriously?

You don't have to, we're quite used to idiots so why should we care about one more? It's not the eliteness of a proposition that makes it true or false and frankly we despise people driven by eliteness as much as those driven by commonality so thanks for disqualifying yourself.

AD&D has used two toy models. The 3*3 toy model was blatantly made by people of the Tauri personality type, same as Myers and Briggs are. Tauri are moderately good at modeling all personality types so long as they have no desire to be politically correct. Myers and Briggs wanted to be politically correct, AD&D had absolutely no reason to be.

In order to more accurately model possible personalities, AD&D at one point introduced affinities. So characters could be "true neutral" then halfway to another type. This idea was confirmed empirically including the part where only the Slave personality type hybridizes with other personality types. In retrospect this is obvious because Slaves follow their master's orders whereas everyone else just follows themselves.

AD&D ultimately shifted to a 5-castes model because the 3*3 one was deemed "too complicated" for certain extremely simple minds. In any case, the descriptions of personality types were never accurate since Tauri believe they are Good which they aren't. The description of the axes as morality vs ethics is total bullshit, and law vs chaos is bullshit too.

Interestingly, the political compass reused the 3*3 model from AD&D renaming Evil to "right-wing" (a decision we vehemently disagree with) but since this toy model is based on the work of political scientists it got respectful nods instead of sneering. The political compass is ALSO deemed "too complicated" by certain extremely simple minds who would rather reduce everything down to 5 castes.

Ultimately, the political compass is roughly as accurate as AD&D. The political compass test though more accurately measures social and economic alienation than it measures actual political beliefs and ideology. This is what results from trying to flatten the multiple dimensions of the 72 archetypes onto just two dimensions.

Did you really use AD&D?

No and yes. Archangel started off trying to model all human emotions and compiled and analyzed a list of roughly 1000 human emotion words over a period of months. The human emotion words seemed to fall into a (7*3)^2 model of human emotion which was emotion theory version 1. This exercise was not theoretical but was driven by the desire to manipulate emotions precisely.

At this time Archangel was aware of Csikszentmihalyi's "theory called flow" but deemed it barely comprehensible and not being a Freak completely disdained the whole idea of mindless "flow". Since the 3*3 Flow toy model looked like an extremely collapsed (7*3)^2 model it got dismissed as retarded.

Archangel then got sidetracked into trying to model all human ACTION words (eg, jumping, running, talking, deliberating). The categories they fell in were again trits rather than bits which made sense since base e is the most efficient representation of numbers and e is a lot closer to 3 than it is to 2. Human action words seemed to fall into a model where each word had a family F and up to a dozen attributes which could each be true, false or both. Running into unsolvable difficulties and having no practical purpose for the theory, Archangel took the insight that the human brain ran on trits at every level past the most fundamental and moved on.

Archangel then sought to categorize all possible personalities and used AD&D's 3*3 toy model as a starting point. 5 years of full time work on this later and more than 8 major breakthroughs each coinciding with a major expansion of the model, and the initial 3*3 phase space of spatial entropy vs temporal entropy is the only part of the model that hasn't changed, has never broken, and has never had to be revised. Apparently, an aspect of personality so blatantly obvious that even idiots managed to come up with it must be quite resilient to abuse.

The 3*3 type model is not dumb, it's simply idiot proof. Which makes sense since reality and human models of reality in human minds have to be resilient to idiots for them to be able to learn language at all. Even then, homo sapiens has managed to produce superior idiots who manage to break the 3*3 types and routinely manage to break reality.

Where can I find more info on the 72 archetypes?

Me, Archangel. You can find more info on the 72 character archetypes by asking me since I invented the system. Or more accurately, I discovered reality.

What are the advantages of the 72 archetypes?

Unlike the MBTI "inventory" the 72 character archetypes are an actual system and a tiny part of a much greater system. So they are

Thorough: the 72 archetypes * 11 variants cover every conceivable personality ever imagined or that will ever be imagined. No archetype was thrown out on the grounds that "it is bad" or "it is abnormal". The 72 archetypes are *complete*. Exceptions to the 72 archetypes are split evenly between "product of 20 years of child abuse" and "not a personality, cannot exist outside of fiction". Mastery of the 72 archetypes will even let you detect the difference between 'child abused' and 'bad fiction'.

Unified: all of the 8 archetypes that belong to each personality type unify together under a single unifying principle (space, life, togetherness, laziness, ...) in a totally coherent manner. There is nothing ad hoc so every thinking person willing to become familiar with character archetypes in reality will be able to easily conclude "yup, ENFs are fucking lazy".

The personality types themselves unify together at a much deeper level than archetypes using even more abstract and fundamental principles in a way the MBTI "types" never do. And they unify together with all of reality whereas the MBTI shrilly proclaims its disconnection from other aspects of personality, human behavior, the mind, and claims organizations of humans can't have personalities.

The 72 archetypes are the stepping stone for unification with all reality. Floating mountain theories like the MBTI are a bridge to nowhere.

Interconnected: the archetypes within a personality type and between personality types are not random excerpts from concept space arrived at by free-associating while laying back on grass and looking at clouds. They are the product of years of sieving through hundreds of thousands of datapoints *individually* inside a human mind, rather than "numerically" inside of a fucking computer.

Within each personality type, the archetypes sum up in a predictable way. So 100 + 001 = 101 and the characteristic traits of 100 and 001 will all be found in 101. And *between* personality types, the archetypes rhyme with each other. So 001 Xeelee paladin + 001 TC philosopher = warrior-poet. And 010 RWA castrator + 010 Narcissist 'attractive megabitch' = 'castrating bitch'.

Note that ZERO effort was put into making them rhyme, yet they rhyme a lot. Of course, now that we know they rhyme, any selection of archetypes so they rhyme will be poisoned data. Past rhyming is evidence for the theory, future rhyming isn't.

Not that it needs any more evidence with the mountains of cross-correlations, like how the type with 'suicidal' gets along so great with the one that has 'murderer'. Or how the one with 'contradiction' tries to cozy up to 'logic' so they can make beautiful contradictions together.

Innate: the 72 archetypes use innate values rather than circumstantial traits. This means that someone's type won't change when they move to China, or if they're dropped in the Congo, or if they're kicked outside of our universe into a reality where magic is real, or if they become a unicorn. You are born with that type and you die as it.

Predictive: Anyone familiar with the innate values of your personality type who can actually comprehend and understand those values rather than merely abusing the words, can predict your behavior in any previously unimaginable circumstance (to you or them). They don't have to have read "how Xeelees deal with new situations" and "how Xeelees deal with danger". Instead they can make calculations, "so, danger is there in the grid, and Xeelees are this far away, so this will be negative, so ... oh dear, they're 100 so can't handle negativity."

Insightful: You can actually use the 792 slot model to map out your personality and the 4960 slot model to map out your interactions with reality. So, you're a TC watching a TC show like Star Trek: TOS, why don't you like it?! Oh right, you're 001 and it's 110 so guess you'll just have to grit your teeth and consider it study material so you get slot TC 110 level 5.

So you're a 110 Xeelee but you just had an embarrassing emotional breakdown. Why? No, not why the breakdown, but why are you embarrassed. Being 110 Xeelee you value logic and generalities, you are generally logical so why would an exception matter rather than being shrugged off as irrelevant as logic dictates?

Ah, it's because emotions are AC and feeling those emotions threw you into the AC regime and you completely lost sight of Xeeleeness aka how to be yourself. And while trapped there you thought as an AC thinks and you saw yourself as pathetic emotionally. Pathetic means weak and weak is embarrassing to Xeelee 000 who is strong.

Therefore the solution is to acquire all the TC slots so they can serve as a buffer zone anytime you're dragged into emotion against your will. Why? Because anything a TC can do, a Xeelee should theoretically be able to do since TC is the intersection of Xeelee and AC. You may not like to do it but at least you'll be capable of doing it so won't be weak.

(Incidentally, being trapped in another personality type's regime and forced to think like they think is exactly what happens to children when their RWA parents beat them.)

What good is a model so inaccurate it doesn't allow you to construct or fix your own mind? The MBTI's users say meaningless things like "my Fe is weak so I'll hang out with Fe strong people". With the 72 archetypes, a 101 AC who realizes he's fucked up can go look up what level 2 010 AC means and it's 'touch' then book a massage. Having solved level 2 010 AC he can solve higher levels of 010 AC, at least one of which will be a handjob so back to the massage parlor.

With even an extremely vague mapping, you can act to change your archetype or level it up starting by looking up what you're missing from the strictly superior archetype you're targeting. There is no MBTI "every type is equal" crap. 111 is superior to all other options since it contains every single option within it. And the higher level you are, the better.

What about Socionics?

The first problem with Socionics is it's a blatant product of the Time Lord personality type. Those people are great at coming up with prototypes and poor at coming up with something that will last. The reason why is because they vastly prefer expediency and fun over being right and correct. They like to play the game, they don't care about winning and they don't care if other people lose. And when making a personality type system, other people losing means the system is unusable to them.

The second problem with Socionics is that it just isn't thorough. Sure, there's not one single doubt in anyone familiar with Time Lords that Socionics can be used to predict people's behavior. But the 72 archetypes can be used to predict what kind of planet-killer people like to use and what kind of programming language they would use in creating a Cylon. The 72 archetypes don't aim to predict, they aim to predict EVERYTHING. And to a very large extent, they succeed. The 72 archetypes were made by people who believe in winning.

The third problem with Socionics is that like all products of Time Lords there is no clear (or any) delineation of meta-levels. Model A has a lot of axioms and rules thrown in together to mix and brew. What it lacks is any notions of scope or scale or hierarchy. The 72 archetypes have a large-scale 3*3 model which can be understood on its own. To this model is added an orthogonal dimension of 11 levels so you can see how each personality type interacts with every meta-level of reality rather than just "information processing" (level 2) or "social interaction" (level 3). And then within each personality type there are 8 character archetypes organized by emotional polarity.

Simply put, Socionics is poorly organized, lacks meta-levels, is unusable and incomprehensible. It also reproduces the category errors that Jung made by dogmatically insisting that everyone and every function be oriented either inwards or outwards. Which makes sense since Time Lords just like Xeelees ARE all oriented, even if in the exact opposite direction. But it doesn't follow from this that everyone is.

What did Jung do wrong?

Jung was a Xeelee so on the left hand column where people are concerned with open systems and external things. He saw that there was a systems boundary to people defined by sensory input and what you paid attention to. He also saw that he himself was most concerned with things outside of this systems boundary, whereas Time Lords and Freak and psychopaths are most concerned with things *inside* the systems boundary. So he theorized 'orientation' of cognition. So far he theorized two correct things. Then he went off the rails.

Jung saw that there were people who seemed much closer to the boundary than he himself was in some incomprehensible ineffable way. But he stuck to his theory of there being an unambiguous orientation. So he created the ENTP and INTJ personality types for people who exist *ON* the systems boundary, and decided that one of them is really internally oriented and the other is really externally oriented. This is false, because this division is totally arbitrary, meaningless and pretty much incomprehensible to Angels. If I happen to use logic internally that's because circumstances dictate it, if I use intuition the next day that's because there were different circumstances. Nowadays this is called 'ambiversion' in some pathetic sop to reality.

MY theory is much, much simpler. There is the systems boundary, but there are people who STRADDLE the boundary and define themselves by being on the INTERSECTION of internal and external. And whether they're looking in or looking out makes no difference and may be changeable moment to moment. It's a simple and easy to understand definition of Interface. "exists on both sides".

What are some examples of things sitting on systems boundaries?

On the left hand side you have the big picture like civilization and on the right hand side you have insignificant details like numbers and letters. And in the middle you've got the nuclear launch codes.

On the left hand side you've got widespread technology, on the right hand side you have all kinds of junk prototypes, and in the middle you have the prototypes that have the potential to become widespread technology.

On the left hand side you have armies, on the right hand side you have serial killers, and in the middle you have mass killers like Stalin who led armies.

On the left hand side you've got people who love armies, on the right hand side people who love covert ops, and in the middle people who cower and hide from all forms of war.

On the left hand side you've got the external things that cells concern themselves with like the endocrine system, blood sugar, oxygen levels, antigens. On the right hand side you've got the internal things that cells concern themselves with like ATP, mRNA, organelles. And then in the middle you've got the cellular membrane and all the macromolecules that sit on the cellular membrane.

On the left hand side you've got your readers' external observations about your shitty Harry Potter fanfic. On the right hand side you've got its plot and characters all internal to the story. Then in the middle there's your story's relationships to canon, to other stories and to reality.

But this is just a theory, is it provable?

Yes it is. An analysis of the meanings of words in English reveals that over 99% of words not unambiguously external or internal can be fit into a middle-category model obviating any need to invent multiple middle categories. And there wouldn't be enough words left to fill out multiple middle categories anyways.

In one dataset specially selected to make the detection of aberrations from the mathematical model trivial, there are two kinds of aberrations. Words that have multiple meanings (the same word occurs in multiple slots) account for less than 1% of words, and the duplicates seem to always have the same type even when they're widely separated (eg, politics vs art).

The other aberration is multiple words that occupy the same slot (several words, one single meaning). These seem to always originate from different dialects of English. So there is one word 'for traitorous Slave politician' originating from France, another from Australia and still another from the USA in different periods of history.

Wherever words are dense in the mathematical model, there is an extremely tight fit to the model. And where they are sparse is because human imagination and progress hasn't reached that point yet. The mathematical model is a higher dimensional manifold whose basic element is a 3*3 table. The hypothesis that human language, and human minds, categorize reality in OTHER than trits is REJECTED.

How then do we account for the prevalence of words like 'intelligence' which have dual meanings if our specially selected dataset proves that human minds don't allow for aberrations from the mathematical model? Quite easily.

Intelligence has the dual meanings of "a level 3 interaction of innate knowledge with an outside mind" (spy intelligence) and "a level 3 interaction of external knowledge with an internal mind" (normal intelligence). This is reconciled thus: "a level 3 mind interface involving knowledge".

But that just proves Jung is wrong and concepts in human minds can be oriented bidirectionally. A fact which was known years ago from the action word 'bolt' which means 'to escape out' and 'to lock in'. No, the novelty comes from the fact that intelligence is an Angel value which in MBTI terms is "ENTJ+INTJ". So much for I vs E.

To sum up, language fits a ternary mathematical model tightly. Human minds organize reality based on trits. Carl Jung was wrong wrong wrong. I vs E is bullshit.

Why start with archetypes rather than ending with them like everyone else?

Casuistic reasoning is very powerful. So powerful in fact that it's the only possible way to make a perfect system out of anything, either in theory or in practice. And just like other powerful things (nuclear bombs, reactors and particle accelerators to name a few) they should never under any circumstances be left in the hands of idiots to operate. Because when that happens you get abominations like English common law and Star Trek 2009 (also Voyager, Deep Space 9, Enterprise ...).

Both Xeelees and Time Lords have a nasty habit of becoming completely detached from reality for opposite reasons. Xeelees get lost in the big picture such as astronomy. And Time Lords get lost in specific details such as their emotions and fantasies. It's only by sticking to the intersection between big picture and specific details that you can't detach yourself from reality, even though oh how you want to.

By ending with character archetypes, you're ensuring you spend all your time on abstractions or specific details that are barely or not at all comprehensible to others. This is all very elite but it doesn't make for a practical or useful or understandable system. It's nothing more and nothing less than intellectual masturbation. By starting with character archetypes, you're ensuring you begin with understanding.

By ending with character archetypes, you're ensuring that your real life data-points are never analyzed. The character archetypes used to represent Jungian typology are never checked for details to see whether they are in reality as Jungian typology supposes them to be. You're ensuring they cannot be pure cases.

The MBTI's "idealists" are never inspected to see whether they are as idealistic in reality as is supposed rather than loutish thugs. The "realists" are never inspected to see whether they're realistic rather than schizophrenic idiots lost in dream worlds. And of course, no archetype is inspected to see whether they actually think the way Jungian typology supposed.

By ending with character archetypes, you're ensuring the space of all character archetypes is never analyzed nor dealt with. You're ensuring that your axioms and rules can never be adjusted to cover the entirety of the space. In fact, can't even be adjusted to cover the entirety of humanity. Where exactly does the character archetype 'mind reader' fit in Socionics? It doesn't despite telepathy being the second most common superpower after big tits, and James Randi being a real person.

The 72 archetypes doesn't end with facts in reality, it STARTS with the facts. The point of theoretical systems is not to illustrate theory with facts, but to explain facts with theory. Jungian typology and socionics are both ass-backwards and lost to reality.

Sure you can just add more character archetypes to have more resolution but where does it stop?

72. It stops at 72 because there are exactly 72 character archetypes used as protagonists in the totality of all even remotely popular media, whether it be literature, shows, movies or games. Even psychopaths use their own exactly 8 well-defined character archetypes as protagonists. Oh and you can add literally any character of any kind created by a Good type author and most characters created by Tauri authors to the bin of protagonists and it doesn't change the number of character archetypes one bit. It's 72 exactly.

You can push further and add characters created by Evil authors and though they get progressively more warped and distorted, they are still extremely recognizable and they don't add to the total number of 72 characters. You can push still further and add societies, organizations, and planets as entities with their own distinct personalities and it still doesn't add even one new character archetype to the 72.

In order to find a character that doesn't fit within the 72 you need to read an autobiography of someone who was systematically and constantly abused for their entire childhood, a really badly written story by an inept author, or someone who knows the 72 character archetypes intimately and is actively trying to change their own. Because in the natural world there's no such thing as a half-cat and apples don't hang from mid-air, even though those things are possible.

To judge the strength of something, try to break it. It takes virtually no effort to break any of MBTI, Jungian typology or Socionics. Breaking the 72 archetypes takes ludicrous amounts of effort even though we've seen it done over and over again. The world is full of idiots that enjoy warping people.

Did you really survey literature rather than using the proven method of listening to idiots' lies and self-delusions on standardized tests?

Not at all. We surveyed popular literature to ensure that characters used by authors weren't wholesale rejected by audiences as 'not a personality'. People are not so stupid that after 20 years of watching media and interacting with people in reality they are incapable of recognizing a "personality" that cannot exist.

In fact, a pattern clearly emerged. The most widely accepted thus popular media all have protagonists the same personality type as their writers and the actors portraying them. Any attempt by Freaks to fake being another personality type so they can con this other personality type into a Freak narrative was summarily rejected.

Dune by Frank Herbert is a Freak psyop trying to convince Xeelees to suicide and embrace other Freak obsessions. The Xeelee to whom I explained this at length replied to me that it explained why he'd never read the book but left it sitting on a shelf.

His Dark Materials is another Freak psyop aimed at Xeelees. This one managed to garner moderate success in the English speaking world due to the complete and utter absence of any Xeelee books being published. It also helped that this time around the protagonist was just another lying conning two-faced Freak just like its author.

Do you really have to say that some archetypes are better than other archetypes?

Yes, because the 72 archetypes are a METRIC system and not just a categorization or typology or topology. And since metrics is Xeelee 010 whereas topology is Xeelee 000, it's clear that metrics are strictly superior to topologies. People who reject the metric system can stay the uneducated Americans they are.

How long have you been working on your system?

I have been working on gaining omniscience for 5 years (since 2011 or so). The minuscule subsystem which is the 72 archetypes are a few months older than the wiki so ... since february?

But that's not fair since I started off by categorizing characters. And I had a shitty map of core value space more than a year ago. However, this year is when I actually started using the 72 archetypes rather than treating them as raw data. It made an enormous and immediate difference in comprehension.

Before the 72 archetypes, my comprehension of minds and my debugging of them was based on topological abstractions. I would say 'forceful narcissist' rather than 'cordelia chase'. And I mixed up this topology with core value theory in a messy manner. So 'forceful narcissist' really meant "your dozen core values at forceful narcissist".

Since figuring out how to apply a dozen core values in 4 polarities (I only used 010, 110, 111 and 011 since I deemed anyone lacking 010 as belonging in an insane asylum) across 11 levels and 9 types led to a combinatorial explosion, I used messy shortcuts. The shortcuts worked but were very spotty and time-intensive.

One of the shortcuts was that nothing outside your own personality type mattered unless it was an immediate problem such as neurosis or PTSD. Another shortcut was that having *some* of the micro-slots associated with a polarity * level was 'good enough' to move onto other problems because the person would figure out the rest of them on their own. So basically, I functioned in emergency mode and performed necessary triage.

The 72 archetypes never seemed like they could ever be usable as a learning or healing tool on their own merits. And then I started seeing which core values were associated with specific archetypes. Since there was a direct and 1-1 map between core values and archetypes, there no longer was a combinatorial explosion and I tried using the 72 archetypes directly. They made comprehension ludicrously easier.

If you can swap spatial and temporal dimensions in the 3*3 type grid then why aren't Tauri equal to Angels?

There obviously is an asymmetry between space and time with time being more important than space. In physics, space and time are converted into each other by c, the speed of light. So 1 year = 1 light year, and 1 second = 23.5 times the diameter of the Earth.

This asymmetry extends to human experience since there have been many more generations in human history than there are nations currently existing. Alexander managed to conquer most of Eurasia which is pretty much half the world when not even Odin managed to conquer more than a minuscule fraction of history. There simply is a lot more TIME in existence than there is SPACE. Time is more important, therefore masters of time are more important than masters of space.

This is borne out by experience in programming languages. When software needs to execute one single function in a billion different threads in parallel then Tauri programming languages and methodology hold sway. But while that happens in telephony with ESS software, that's almost never how software needs to work in the software industry. Rather, it's one thread executing a thousand different functions in sequence. And this is where Angels reign supreme.

In fact, Tauri are obsessed with generations and especially The Next Generation. In programming languages, generators are functions that return the next result in a very long sequence of computation. Well, generators are rarely used in parallel, they tend to be used individually or even serially (a generator on top of a generator). And they tend to be used precisely because you have to deal with really long sequences of computation. Continuation Passing Style is a known quantity in software and it is rarely used. Though I'm not sure it's Tauri at all.

Then again, every map-reduce is pretty much a generator used in parallel. Google uses map-reduce a lot both in breadth and in depth, but that's exactly what you'd expect from Xeelee.

Anyways, this is why no matter what Narcissists want or say, you can't conflate space and time and smash 9 personality types into 5 personality types. {Xeelee}, {Angel, Tauri}, {Time Lord, Slave, RWA}, {Freak, Narcissist}, {Psychopath}.

What are the axioms of 72 archetypes?

The axioms are this:

That's type. Which has fuck all to do with human attention and everything to do with the fundamental underpinnings of literally any universe that has life in it.

So 'knowledge' is strictly unbounded in time. But words and symbols which make up knowledge are both bounded in space (the word "word" takes finite space) AND unbounded in space (the word "word" stands for an infinite amount of things, such as the word "submarine-launched nuclear ballistic missile"). That makes them Angel.

Which would be why knowledge of mind is the purview of Angels thus Xeelee (cognitive functions) and Time Lord (socionics) systems on this topic suck so very much. Since as a generality Xeelee, Angel and Time Lord produce systems of equal expressive and explanatory power. But knowledge? Is an Angel specialty.

Every type has its strengths which come from its values. So you want to dehumanize someone, ask an RWA. You want to know about weakness of every kind? Ask a Slave, it's a baseline (000) value for them. Slave's strength being weakness, their strength is having no strengths. Also inertia and stagnation (Slave 111).

Emotional polarity is orthogonal to type and is explained here.

Then there are meta-levels which are orthogonal still.

How does 72 archetypes relate to existing systems?

72 archetypes is not a toy like you're used to. A toy is something you pay attention to. When you type with a toy system you get that someone is INTP-A or whatever. You get ONE TYPE. Kind of like when you stare at a picture you see one fucking picture with one single state.

72 archetypes is a tool. Tools have a PILE OF state. Lights for instance have the states {broken, unbroken, lit, unlit, on, off} and those states are dependent on each other.

So in a toy personality typing system you end up with one single unitary type result like Time Lord and then you ... stare at it. And then you stare at others being Angel or Xeelee or Psychopath or something.

In a TOOL personality typing system you end up with a matrix of types saying which slots are on and off. And then you *DO* things with this grid ... you turn the slots inside your type ON, by researching them.

Socionics is like having an unlit light bulb in your hand. You know, oh geez, it's a fucking light bulb. 72 archetypes is like having it plugged in and flipping the switch. Only there's 11^3*72 = 95,832 switches in Time Lord alone that stretch all the way from 'moron among cro-magnons who can't grunt like everyone else' to 'the god the Doctor would fear and worship'.

For more details on the typology world.

Why does the unreliability of existing personality typing systems matter?

Here's a question, if you were shopping for a microwave, or a laptop, or a gun, and it blew up in your face 60-90% of the time, would you buy it? If a typology system depends utterly on other people accurately reporting their own type, what is even the fucking point of it?

The only typologies worth having are those that let you type other people against their will. I mean, what good would the money market instrument type system be if you constantly confused loans with bearer bonds. What good would the gun type system be if you had to ask a handgun whether it was a sniper rifle and it said "yes" because it felt like overcompensating for the size of its barrel.

Typology systems are only worth anything if they're not vulnerable to liars and deliberate blatant forgeries. If they can in fact be used to DETECT deliberate blatant forgeries. Humanity has invented literally thousands of typologies to categorize everything from wine to pokemon all with greater than 90% reliability and existing personality typing systems are without a doubt the worst among them sitting down at 40%.

Why did you pick names like Xeelee and Time Lord? What do they even mean?

Every type has named their own type.

The names were chosen for a specific reason, so that I could slap anyone who asked me what the types are like or asked me for profiles of them. Read the fucking books! Or novels, or watch the shows.

Potato Asked

ReactivePotato asked by PM: Do you have an overview and some (comprehenive-ish) descriptions of your system of archetypes? I tried reading through your blog and your FAQ, and it mentions a lot things (like 2 axi graphs) which I can't find anywhere.

Answer: Not for you, never for you. It's not for reactive people, not for potatos, not for people who can't judge nor condemn, not for people who seek to achieve nothing. Certainly not for anyone who believes in Islam or Islamists, or believes in MLP. It's not for passive shallow conformists who buy the elite university line of bullshit. And certainly, CERTAINLY not for anyone who explicitly disbelieves in and disavows human knowledge.

Why the fuck are you wasting my time you worthless piece of shit?

Do people seriously have to learn a vocabulary of 96K words to use 72 archetypes?

I realize learning a full language that is one tenth the size of a natural language is beyond the capabilities of the overwhelming majority of people. The overwhelming majority of people are fully content with a vocabulary of 16 words that amounts to:

and content with all the infant-level babble this produces. These ... people, and I use the term loosely, are not the audience for the 72 archetypes.

How can you possibly type individual words?

I'm not sure how people can doubt me. How many millions of people learn German? And in German you have to mentally categorize and keep track of every word's type, called gender, which has 3 possibilities. Furthermore, hyperpolyglots speak 12 or more languages, which each have gender. And can translate between them!

All I did was relearn English about 4 times until I learned the types of a substantial fraction of words to 1 in 9 resolution and many in 1 in 72. This isn't even in hyperpolyglot territory. It's child's play, any idiot could do it. If they had the willpower and foresight of a creative genius since it's never been done before.

The idiots around the MBTI subreddits all treat typing like it can be read on a pamphlet. Read this 16-page website, study in 30 days, you're done! When the truth is it's more like a Tome of Forgotten Knowledge. Especially the Book of Azalin. You forget what it's like to ever have been blind and not know the true meanings of words.

It opens new vistas on reality. But only vistas.

Social vs Attentional introversion

> I think loathing is merely a side effect, not the root cause of introversion.

You don't understand. There is literally no difference between A100 and A001 in terms of internal orientation vs external orientation. A000 is built out of correspondences. Truth and knowledge are built out of correspondences. All Angel is built out of correspondences.

And yet one of them is socially introverted and the other socially extroverted solely because one can ONLY handle happiness and the other can ONLY handle misery. And this world is Hell. If you remade this world into a Heaven like the Heaven which James T Kirk comes from, their social interactions would be flipped instantly.

Polarity, the ability and willingness to handle certain parts of the emotional spectrum and not others, is pretty damned fundamental. And disturbingly resilient. Far more fundamental than polarity, which can at least theoretically be changed and does change through Traumatic Life Events, is Type.

Now here's the thing. It's true the Xeelee and Time Lord types are oriented. The Xeelee type is oriented OUTWARDS and the Time Lord type is oriented INWARDS. Xeelee care about everything beyond the horizon, they care about infinity. Time Lords care about things like families, games, life. Things which have spatial boundaries and the important things are INSIDE the spatial boundaries.

And isn't it odd that both Carl Jung and his stupid as fuck "functions" which aren't cognitive at all, call Xeelee INTROVERTS when they're OUTWARDS oriented?! All because Carl Jung was far, far too stupid to grasp how social introversion really genuinely is completely independent from attention. And if HE was too stupid to grasp that ... it's time to junk all that intro vs extro crap.

And here's the thing. Angels? Are UNORIENTED. And so are Slaves. And so are Narcissists. one third of the fucking types are unoriented. Not only did Jung get the concept of orientation completely ass-backwards wrong but he failed to notice people who are bi- or un-oriented because it violated his dogma.

Does that punch enough holes in the notion that "introversion" is at all important, let alone that it's key, let alone that it's fundamental? It's SHIT.

You can start using external vs internal, solid vs fluid, left hand side vs right hand side of the type grid, with the full and complete understanding it has fuck all to do with intro vs extra or extro or outro.

How much did Carl Jung get wrong? Virtually everything.

His first mistake was to open his stupid mouth on personality and personality type when those are Time Lord values and domains of expertise, thus he is as far removed from personality as it's possible to get and still be able to understand it. (UnGoods do not understand personality, at all.)

His second mistake was claiming that personality is an aberration to be erased. Seriously. You're going to believe someone who thought personality should be erased?!

His third mistake was dividing up personalities in internally-oriented vs externally-oriented and leaving no room for unoriented or bi-oriented. Kind of like claiming bisexuals and asexuals do not exist.

This is kind of important considering Carl Jung proceeded to stupidly claim that everyone uses their leftover "inferior" functions in the orientation they dislike, thus everything gets recycled and nothing goes unused even in superior people. This is a lie.

Not only do unoriented (Angels, Slaves, Narcissists, a third of all personality types!) types fail to use different functions but in fact use the SAME functions inwards as they use outwards. But this is ALSO the case for Time Lords and Xeelee.

There is this thing which Xeelee and Time Lords do. Xeelee obsess over Psychopaths and then after they've studied them enough they obsess over Freaks then after studying them enough they obsess over Time Lords. Time Lords do the same with RWAs to Xeelee.

If you ask Xeelee why they do this they will tell you it's because they're studying emotions or internals. If you ask Time Lords why they do it they will tell you they're studying reality or externals. If they're stuck at the Tauri level they will even use the word "ground" which is the obsession of Tauri, as in TLs "want to be grounded in reality".

In Carl Jung's baby talk, a Time Lord studying RWAs or Tauri and emulating them would be "using their inferior function". They would be using "Sensing" in an externally oriented way, which Jung calls "introversion" because he is an idiot. This "recovers" Carl Jung's conclusion.

The problem is that what Carl Jung thought to be a wholesome and inviolable pattern of all personalities, this recycling of functions, IS DYSFUNCTIONAL. It's something UNHEALTHY Xeelee and Time Lords do. Unhealthy Time Lords study RWAs and Tauri, healthy ones study Xeelee. So healthy Time Lords would be using ... their "intuition" both internally AND externally.

Thus, there is no "function stack".

His fourth mistake was getting the orientations wrong. Xeelee are EXTERNALLY oriented and Time Lords are INTERNALLY oriented. Time Lords are motivated by their feelings, their friends and their families. When Xeelee space out while talking to you, they are literally spacing out. They are thinking of space, of the entire fucking universe, external to the conversation. They are not "withdrawing into their minds" like the idiot moron Jung claimed.

His fifth mistake was calling them cognitive functions, projecting on his subjects and peons that they were cognition, capable of original thought. Only he was capable of cognition, his peons weren't, and since he was studying them to come up with his theories then blatantly they weren't cognitive functions.

His sixth mistake was calling F's Feelers rather than something appropriate and correct like Failures or Falsities due to their propensity to fuck up and lie lie lie. Calling them Feelers is the exact opposite of the truth.

F's are shallow creatures with few if any emotions and what emotions they have are shallow as fuck. In their own media, Tauri 000's are cold-blooded reptilians wearing human skin-masks, does that sound like they have emotions? F's have only half-emotions like sentimentality, anger and bloodthirstiness.

Those shallow superficial emotions govern them only because they have an even graver deficit of thinking than feeling as they snuff THAT out entirely. Having even less thinking than feeling does not make F's feelers, it makes them non-thinkers.

His seventh mistake was the conception of Ntuition as something fundamental when all Sensing vs Intuition means is whether you're a type nearer RWAs or a type nearer Time Lords. This is completely arbitrary!

That's the sum total of Jungian "cognitive" theory pretty much, and every last bit of it is wrong. He was fractally wrong, wrong at every single level of resolution.