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Personality type ########## ######## (9) by personality type:

Personality type teachers (8) by personality type:

Carl Jungcreator72archetypesinventors of socionics
Isabel Myers: Gifts Differing
CelebrityTypes.comPersonality Junkie

socionics website, Carl Jung: Psychological Types, JH Van der Hoop: Character and the Unconscious and Conscious Orientation, Von Franz: The Inferior Function, MBTI and CPP also have very good descriptions."

Personality type typers (7) by personality type:

masters of multiple typologiescreator72archetypeslow level telepaths
MBTI testsPredictive Index conspiracypolling subreddits
Google's automated typerMBTI internationalonline tests

Personality type implementations (6) by personality type:

Watsonhuman beingshomo sapiens
CYCWELL neverending language learnerchat bots / random chat bots
if-then goal-oriented AIs (eg, in games)ELIZAanimals

Just like 'The Neverending Story'

Personality type theories (5) by personality type:

multidimensional decompositionhalf-baked resonant loop theoryatomic theory of mind
Nanny AIFriendly AI / Three Laws of RoboticsSkynet
deep neural networksshallow neural networks with feedbackshallow neural networks without feedback

Moral AI? Principled AI?

Whole brain simulation, uploads

Personality type languages (4) by personality type:

structure languagehuman languagepersonality language
core value spacearchetype spaceoccult theory
OOSA: A Model-Driven Approach by David Embleymental theory

Actually, there is one other meta-theory of personality but I don't remember its name. Fuck. Someone mentioned it to me. It was broken crap created by a genius.

I'm not sure "the sum total of what an Angel cares about and paid attention to" qualifies as a Narcissist theory. Just as or more likely to be a Xeelee theory.


Personality type tools (3) by personality type:

core value maps72 archetypeslight theory of personality
core value theorytalk therapyemotion theory v1
convincing objective metricscognitive behavior therapyprimal therapy

Talk therapy is useless and just consolation. Primal therapy is for animals.

Personality type toys (2) by personality type:

Jung typologyCA / Compasssocionics
MBTI/KeirseyEnneagramsalternative 5 / Pod'lair
MMPI / O*Net / Holland interest profiler Big Five / Revised NEO / HEXACODSM / PCL-R / F-scale

In the above table is missing one typology I immediately dismissed. Used by research psychologists it is a fluid model that creates thousands of "types". Almost one for every individual!

Personality type objects (1) by personality type

attachment theory?Dabrowski's positive disintegrationdeMause childrearing modes?
Maslow's hierarchyFlow theory

unordered: Eysenck, Allport, more of these fuckers, Emergenetics <- lauded by a Freak, , , The Authoritarians


System creation by personality type:

RebuildSystematizationPrototype (Systemantics)
StandardizationMaintenanceBrainstorm<- popular but useless
Ancient CrapTotal CrapDestructive Crap

MBTI types to 72 archetypes map (see table formats):


Socionics types to 72 archetypes map:

Bartle taxonomy