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XeeleeAngelTime Lord

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Xeelee (formerly Judge)


Time Lord

Tauri (togetherness)

figurehead is storyteller of lame jokes to yes-menpreacher man has seen the light, children and the collective future (aka God)
mercenary that toes the line is archeologist that digs up trash at his feetstraight bureaucrat sacrifices Angels
flying artillery is a fool for every damsel in distresscharismatic man of duty
man of honor lives by the Laws of Honocrooked martyr

John McClane in Die Hard toed the line so hard his feet were bloody then he had to dig out broken glass from them. And in the movie he dug his way down through the skyscraper from top to bottom.

Slave (paying costs or laziness)

peeping tom monkey hides and skulks while miladying in his fedora hat and closes his eyes! wide shut to avoid collecting memories or seeing anything more than he absolutely has to, things he knows absolutely he can handle like Superman can handle mere mortals because he is oh so sensitive and weak!uncle tom follows his master into death like the faithful dog he is
conspiracist trash collector hoards worthless unsaleable "treasure" from prying eyes and collects paychecks to help himself since nobody else will and your dirty deeds to ensure his paychecksthe bunnies (ski, sex) aka courtesan sells indulgences to clients on a generous basis ("you want to fuck your mother? many therapists say incest is normal". What exactly is wrong with wine women and whores anyways? Stop worrying! HIV isn't a big deal. More intelligent women will take care of us anyways.
the little people are derivatives of the big people and the invisible bitch of every bigger dicked shemaleomega man won't lift a finger until everyone else is dead since it's all a bad dream
world-eater can't tell friend from foe and attacks the weakquitter tells you to stop it with kittenish claws

is too lazy to

have a lifethink
work hardfeel bad
fight with foodcare

Too lazy to bother includes too lazy to bother anyone else. So Frodo Baggins, one of the little people, is too lazy to bother anyone else with the task of getting the ring to Mordor. Then he fucks it up.

Too lazy to feel bad includes too lazy to make others feel bad or allow them to feel bad.

"Why feel bad when I can just sell you this indulgence for your sins for a low affordable price. Or how about this snake oil? Everyone should feel happy because there are easy solutions for all our problems!"

So, expanded out we have,

Yes, a whole personality type devoted to laziness. There's a reason I went around for a couple years convinced they had no souls. They're too lazy to have personalities so adopt others' from around them.

Freak (finite volumes)

RWA (punishment)

grousercastrator prevents growth
idiot overcompensator is taken in hand and told what to do to earn steady promotionscompressor aka angel wing breaker joins the Klan
vigilante kills runaways eating up the nightthe subjugator has a fresh start
fubar is last survivor avenging the dead and eating the living to survive, one or both in ecstatic pleasurexenophobe voyages back to his shit home which he made using his own two hands and guts

Dobby the House Elf irons his ears whenever he fails. Armsmaster (Worm) spends time in the lab upgrading himself with cybernetics whenever he fails. Geordie LaForge got a visor that lets him see 10 times the human visual spectrum at the cost of constant headaches because he was born blind.