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JudgeAngelTime Lord



Time Lord

Tauri (togetherness)

figureheadpreacher man
mercenary that toes the linestraight bureaucrat
flying artillerycharismatic man of duty
man of honorcrooked martyr

Slave (laziness)

peeping tomuncle tom
conspiracist treasure hoarderthe bunnies (ski, sex) aka courtesan
the little peopleomega man

is too lazy to

have a lifethink
work hardfeel bad
fight with foodcare

Too lazy to bother includes too lazy to bother anyone else. So Frodo Baggins, one of the little people, is too lazy to bother anyone else with the task of getting the ring to Mordor. Then he fucks it up.

Too lazy to feel bad includes too lazy to make others feel bad or allow them to feel bad. "Why feel bad when I can just sell you this indulgence for your sins for 50$? 50 is too much? Oh here, have it for 20."

Freak (finite volumes)

RWA (punishment)

idiot overcompensatorcompressor aka angel wing breaker
vigilantethe subjugator
debt collectorxenophobe

Dobby the House Elf irons his ears whenever he fails. Armsmaster (Worm) spends time in the lab upgrading himself with cybernetics whenever he fails. Geordie LaForge got a visor that lets him see 10 times the human visual spectrum at the cost of constant headaches because he was born blind.